Doctors Tried To Make Him Leave His Owner’s Hospital Room. But Watch This Dog’s Reaction.


“Denali” is a short film about the life of a dog. Denali is a dog that had an owner named Ben Moon. His free spirited owner is a photographer and travels about to enjoy life to the fullest. The film is narrated by Denali and is his view of the life that him and Ben had together. Denali is Ben’s constant companion and friend through this journey for 14 ½ years. This film will add depth to a common man’s view of the man/dog relationship. It is hard to imagine a closer pair than Ben and Denali. The bond that is created with someone when you eat, sleep, and work with that one person every day is indescribable. This closeness and love is what was shared by them. Denali is caught in many of the photographs that Ben takes because of his undeniable attractiveness. Denali is forced to wear outfits and lick on command which is his curse for being so cute.

When Denali is diagnosed with cancer Ben never leaves his side and they take a trip to all of their favorite places. Ben tells Denali to let him know when it is time so that he will not suffer in pain. Denali let him know that it was time when he wasn’t hungry anymore and stopped eating. Denali’s last night is spent lying with his head on Ben. The next morning the vet came to pick him up. Denali said good-bye to Ben in 2014. The beginning of the film is a story about a man describing his bad day which involved no parking, wet shoes, and an expensive salad. Ben’s bad day is losing his lifelong friend and companion to cancer. It makes you think about how you view a bad day. We should love the ones we have every day with all that we have.

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