Do You Want Harvest Honey Without Angering Bees? Here’s How


For years now, those who wished to obtain fresh honey needed to enlist the help of experienced beekeepers or try to do the job themselves without ending up getting stung repeatedly. Luckily for honey lovers everywhere, two brothers from Australia decided that there just had to a better way to tap into the hives of bees for their delicious reserves of honey contained within.
Stuart and Cedar Anderson, who are father and son, came up with a truly genius invention that allows people to harvest honey straight from the hive. Their invention gives interested patrons the chance to do so, without having to risk their personal safety. Even though the father-son duo are beekeepers themselves, they wanted to help people who were less experienced in the art of bee wrangling.

Not only can honey loves breathe a major sigh of relief, but so can the honey bees who constantly had to deal with the inquisitive humans who would come into their natural habitat and begin poking and prodding them for their coveted honey supplies. The father-son invention allows them to live in peace, without any unnecessary intrusions into their ecosystem.
This ingenious invention, known as the Flow Hive, works in a way that shields the bees from those who are tapping into the hive for their delicious honey. The Flow Hive comes with a wall of honeycomb cells that has been only completed partially. By providing the bees with these halfway completed honeycomb walls, they are able to fill in the blank space with wax of their own.
The bees go about the task of filling in the partially completed walls with honey, capping them off with a healthy dose of their own naturally created wax. This contraption gives honey seekers the ability to open up the back of the beehive and remove the honey without incident.
The new approach carries benefits for both the humans and the bees. For the humans, they are able to obtain honey through an easy to use tap without putting themselves in any sort of immediate danger. The bees can live without being disturbed and once the humans have obtained their honey, all they need to do is open the cells back up and refill them with more wax.
All of this comes as great news to the honey bees. The harvesting of honey leaves bee colonies susceptible to what is known as a colony collapse. This disorder is both harmful to the bees and to the people who rely on the honey that these hives produce. The health of the bees must also be nurtured for agricultural purposes, so that they can continue to pollinate plants. With the Flow Hive, humans and bees can live in perfect harmony.
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