Do You Have Old VHS Tapes You Want To Transfer To Your Computer? It Is Surprisingly Easy!


First of all, you are going to need a VCR with places for audio and video output, usually located on the back. Often, these are white, yellow and red connectors that can be used to link audio and video devices to the VCR. There are several different kinds of adapters that can be used so that the contents of the VHS tapes can be converted into a digital format. The Elgato Video Capture adapter is famous for working with almost every modern computer. This adapter comes with software that can be easily installed onto the computer. Once you connect the adapter to the VCR and the computer, you can install this program and instantly start converting your videotapes into an all digital format. It’s the typical copying method; press Play on the tape and Record on the computer, and you have lift-off! The program that comes with Elgato Video Capture can do more than just record videos; it also has some editing capabilities. If you made a home video long ago, and you decide that there’s a scene that you want cut out, you don’t need to go out of your way for editing software; Elgato has that feature built into the video capture software. Before you know it, you will be free of the videotape world and into the world of computers and digital content.

In this computerized world we live in, where everybody seems to be communicating via email, Facebook, wiki sites or blogs, many of us want to become a little bit more digital every day. Some people wish they could give up paperwork and just do everything from a PC. Some people don’t go to a library or bookstore anymore because of the Kindle and other E-readers. Video stores are disappearing due to services like Netflix. But what do you do when you have all this old material that you wish was in a digital format taking up unnecessary space? Video capturing from your old VHS tapes is one step forward in the world of digital media. Some people say that a significant portion of the world will eventually be all digital. If you believe that digital is the way of the future, take that step! Digitize those old films! Join us in the wonderful world of modern technology!

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