Denver The Puppy Has A Hilarious Reaction To Her Medicine! OMG!


When Denver the puppy’s reaction to her ear medicine first went viral, it seemed as if she might break the Internet. This cute puppy’s super sneakiness is hard not to laugh at. She does not like taking her ear medicine and if you have not taken the time to watch her in action, you are certainly missing out.

This dog is full of spunk and personality and it is easy to tell. Her facial expression at the beginning of the clip is absolutely priceless, as she almost resembles a human. If she could talk, she would definitely tell her father just how much she dislikes this medication. If only Dad would listen to her!

She even shows off her teeth to her owner, but this does very little to dissuade him from giving her the medicine. Denver is trying her best to break out into a grin and while some might be enamored of her, seasoned viewers know better. This dog needs her medicine, no matter how cute her face may be.

This adorable pup and her hilarious reaction need to be shared with a wider audience, so don’t be stingy. Feel free to share this clip with your closest friends and family, as well as your buddies on social media. There has never been a video like this before and there may never be another video like this again.

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