Denture Tablets Have A Superpower That You Need SEE To Believe!


This trick comes from the use of denture tablets and their amazing superpower that people don’t really know about. The Domestic Geek decided to give us a little bit of information on these amazing pills, and we’re here to help spread the word. Turns out, denture tablets have an amazing combination of chemicals that include citric acid, sodium perborate and sodium carbonate and all of these combined together end up making a super powerful cleaner that has been neglect. The video gives us a few examples of how we can use denture tablets on our cleaning tasks. The first example is all about cleaning clogged drains. Turns out, all you need to do is put a few denture tablets in the drain and add some white vinegar. That alone should clear it right up.

But that’s not all. If you’re like me, you have a lot of trouble cleaning a few objects in the house such as jars with a wide bottom but a really thin top. My hand just can’t fit in there and there’s no product that allows me to clean it all without having to scrub, so I just end up having them improperly cleaned. Apparently, with the use of denture tablets all we need to do to clean these horrible jars is to just add some water and a denture tablet and then wait for the results to come by themselves – no scrubbing necessary.

Another example relates to cleaning a coffee machine. These aren’t really easy to clean and end up being neglected, but with the use of a denture tablet all we need to do is run a cycle or two, and then the coffee is going to be a lot fresher and taste a lot better.

The other examples after that are all about everyday objects and areas of our house. One of them is about cleaning a ring by just placing it in some water and then adding a denture tablet, wait a little and voila. These are just examples, and there a lot more uses to these amazing tablets!

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