A Deaf Senior Dog Can’t Stand Up On Her 4 Feet. But Watch Her Face When She Sees Her Human…


People often say that animals have long lasting memories, but there is always that part of our minds that doubt just how true this may be. In this video, an old dog (senior citizen) recognizes his owner, who is a soldier just returning from boot camp. This video would completely clear whatever doubts you have about animal memory.
This video shows just how well animals remember their owner’s faces and other people whom they have interacted with. When soldiers get stationed in a foreign country, they tend to leave a lot of loved ones behind. Perhaps one of the most overlooked loved ones is the family pet. Soldiers who have been away often worry about just how much everyone would forget about them whilst they were away. If humans stand a chance of forgetting things about them, imagine how they must feel about the family pet. This video clears whatever doubts you may have about how retentive a dog’s mind may be.

In this video, a soldier returns from boot camp, and her old thirteen year old dog that has been suffering from arthritis and has been losing her hearing recognizes her instantly. After three months of being away at boot camp, she finds her old friend Buddy so happy to see her. He whines and cries and flops over to her lap, ready to cover her with kisses. Despite the old dog’s hearing loss, he clearly remembers his owner, and just how fund of her he was. You can almost see the love in his eyes. If you doubted whether dogs can remember their owners if they have gone away for a while, this video would be sure to clear that up. The love can be felt through the dog’s fondness of its owner. He has clearly missed her, and she has clearly missed him too. Boot camp would definitely have been tough. It would have been made a lot tougher knowing that you have left loved ones behind. The soldier pets and plays with her dog like she was never gone.

In this video you can see just how much she has missed her good friend Buddy. Buddy has missed her too, and he shows that he is not too old to play around like he is a little pup again.

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