Dad’s Talking To His New Puppy. His Puppy Responds With 3 Words That Leave Him Speechless


Siberian huskies and their close cousins the Alaskan Malamute are well known for their vocalization. While some people, after seeing their wolf like features and hearing their howls believe they must be closely related to wolves, they are no closer related to wolves than say a poodle or a Chihuahua. The myth has been further perpetuated by the old practice of sleigh mushers to let their dogs loose to hunt. While huskies have strong pack instincts, can have a predatory nature (so don’t leave your hamster running around) and can disappear like a wolf in the forest, they are not related. If huskies are near enough to hear a howling wolf they will join in but that doesn’t mean they are communicating with their kinfolk.

Huskies will vocalize in response to human speech and sometimes seem to mimic the changes in tone that can sound like words. In this video, Bella, at 9 weeks is already displaying classic husky vocalization. By moving between a wine and a throaty growl she is able to make vowel like sounds and create what sounds like a touching proclamation to her owner. Does Bella mean what she says or is she just mimicking sounds to fit in with her two legged pack? It’s hard to tell.

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