Dad’s Giving The Dog A Bath. HOW The Dog Takes Revenge Made Mom Totally Crack Up.


A lot of dog breeds make good running buddies and in this video, this black lab proves he is an excellent runner. The owner had the tables turned on him recently when his lovable pet got a hold of the watering hose. It was supposed to have been the owner with the hose. However, after many showers by his human parent, the black lab decided he would give dad a run for his money. Black Labs make very good family pets and are exceptionally bright. This fella was supposed to have been given a bath, but instead he wanted to have some good clean fun. This high energy animal somehow managed to get the hose from his owner and with the hose in his mouth ensued a chase. It’s good he has room to frolic in an large open space. This type of situation is good for a large breed like the black lab.

They give all of this and ask for nothing in return except a loving home. To keep a lab in tip top form, it is necessary to make sure it gets a lot of exercise to keep its heart pumping efficiently. A well-kept animal also makes a good security alarm because these dogs are extremely alert and will indicate any impending dangers.

All dogs and the black lab included, like to know they are the center of their families attention. Therefore, lavish your black lab with pats and hugs and he will return the love to you. They seem to adapt their own personalities over time, and as seen in this video, they also are cute and great at performing comedic antics. Black labs make the perfect companions for families as well as those enjoying their singlehood, without the investment of a human roommate.

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