Dad Says It’s Bath Time – His Great Dane’s Response Is Completely Unexpected


In this video we can see something that we might not really want to call a trick, but that is definitely something amazing and that really shows just how intelligent pets can actually be. Animals learn stuff with ease and to be honest I don’t know if this is something the owner trained the animal to do or if the animal actually already knew the meaning of the words the owner said to him.

In this video, its bath time for a Great Dane. Most people know how hard it is to give a dog a bath, as this is something they aren’t usually too fond of; it’s pretty uncomfortable for them to be honest. So this means that there is usually a struggle between the owner and the pet to get the pet nice and clean.

Not in this video. There wasn’t a struggle at all. The owner of this Great Dane just told him it was time to go take a bath because it was Sunday, and the dog realized it was time for his bath. As a matter of fact, the dog didn’t even need any type of motivation to go to the bath tub, he just went on while the owner told him in a very cute way it was time for his bath.

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