Dad Picks Her Up From School And Finds Out She’s Been Bullied – Watch What He Does


Bullies are an unfortunate byproduct of our school systems and can make life miserable for children who do not fit traditional norms, who are extra sensitive, who do not have the mentality to fight back. As a parent, the idea of your child being bullied is one of the most heartbreaking experiences you can go through.

The dad in this video recently had to face this exact problem, when his little girl began being bullied while at school. While some dads would want to head down to the school and start kicking butt and taking names, this dad decided to fight the battle just a little bit differently than most.

This dad is named Khari and his solution to this growing issue is beyond priceless and leaves bullies with no response. After having his heart broken by his daughter’s ridicule, he realized that we live in a different world and decided to take a new approach to this age old problem.


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