Dad Makes A Stellar Stop-Motion Video To Announce The Birth Of His Son


Most of us have cringed in horror as we are forced to watch homemade videos of our birth and early childhood. This seems to be a rite of passage that we have to participate in. Frankly, they can leave us scarred for life and in need of therapy. While most of us would love nothing more than to burn most of our childhood memorabilia, there is one lucky little boy who might actually be proud of his father’s handiwork. That boy is Chris Knutson’s son, Henry. When Chris, a Minnesota dad-to-be, found out he was going to be a father, he decided to make a “aww-worthy” stop-motion video that will inspire fathers everywhere to be more creative and soon-to-be mothers to nag their partners in an effort to get them to make stop-motion videos.

This involves the use of a cuddly teddy bear and amazing ingenuity. It captures the anticipation he felt about the soon-to-be arrival of his little one. If you adore teddy bears, read on. If you have a fear of all things cuddly and cute, look away.

This master piece is called “Teddy Bear Meets Best Friend.” The heartwarming video starts with a teddy bear that walks into the bathroom and stumbles upon a positive pregnancy test. The teddy bear is there to witness them assembling the crib and preparing the room.

The curious stuffed toy even checks out ultrasound pictures on the table. We love how the teddy bear does a happy dance once in a while because it can’t seem to contain its glee at the thought of its new playmate. Please note that at this point we are also eager to catch a glimpse of the baby and most of us are texting our parents, asking them where our own teddy bears are. Finally, we see the teddy bear waiting at the door, presumably to welcome the new addition to the family.
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