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The TDS Meter is one of the devices available to you for testing. “TDS” stands for “Total Dissolved Solids”. The device can be used to test your filtered water to see if it is doing a good job. The dissolved solids can include ions. metals or salts. The measurement is a given amount of these TDS’s. It is expressed as milligrams per Liter of water. If there is a high level of these dissolved particles then it can be an increased risk to your health.

What this TDS measurement reading is telling you is to change your filter on your water filtration system. Using one of these TDS Meters can be lifesaving. Another water quality testing device is the “Conductivity Meter”. This test measures the ability of the water to carry a current. If the conductivity increases then there is an increased risk of contamination. Another obvious factor is if you’re getting in increase in mineral taste. If you have lower levels of conductivity ions then your water is going to be purer. Using one of these meters is a good way of discovering how pure your water is. The more conductivity measured in your water supply the bigger chance you have of your water being contaminated.

A “Water Resistivity Meter” also measures the purity of the water. It measures the ability of the water to resist an electrical current. If the water has a high concentration of dissolved salts then the water has a lower resistivity. To understand this if your water has a lesser concentration of salts then the water is much purer. This water testing device is known to produce very pure water. All of these devices can help produce the best water quality results available today.

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