Dad Couldn’t Bear The Thought Of Leaving Their Dog – His Solution Shocked The Entire Family


Igor is a beautiful and much loved bulldog. He is part of the family! His needs have always been attended to, just like any other family member. For the first time in his life, his human family is going on holiday and they cannot take Igor with them. This had the entire family beyond upset. They were going to leave Igor in a doggy boarding house. Igor had never been in a bare cage and the thought of it, broke their hearts. But dad had other ideas. Dad went to the kennel and decorated Igor’s vacation home to replicate his own home. He laid carpet the same color and texture as the living room carpet at home. He painted the walls the same color as the walls at home. He hand-made living room tables. He hung pictures of the family on the walls. Igor’s doggy bed and blanket were placed on the floor and his favorite rawhide chews were placed in bowls for his easy access. This truly was his home away from home!

When the day came to depart, the family was sad. As soon as he pulled away, his friends that he had commissioned to help pulled in. They loaded the family couch and took it to the kennel. By the time the family and Igor arrived, everything was in place. The staff had draped the cage/apartment so it could not be seen. The sad family took their beloved pet inside. When the drape was removed, they were shocked and amazed. There were tears of joy and wonder as they saw Igor hop up on his couch. You can almost see the love in the mother’s eyes!

Soon a Saint Barnard heard about the bachelor pad and befriended Igor. They started hanging out at Igor’s everyday (it was so much more comfortable than the Saint Barnard’s place) Igor had a great vacation and made a lasting friendship. The family enjoyed their trip to Thailand knowing Igor was being taken care of in the style in which he was accustom.

No matter what species, when we love someone – we love someone. This family clearly loved their bulldog. They loved him enough to insure he would be okay without them. Dad worked hard for it. He spent his hard earned money for it. He just did what needed to be done so Igor would not feel neglected or abandoned.

This is the way we are supposed to love our pets. Our pets show us a great deal of comfort and joy. So they are worth the extra efforts. Besides, just think of the next pet that gets the luxury suite at the kennel! It is the gift that keeps on giving!

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