Cute Couple Is Doing Some ‘Dirty Dancing,’ But When He Stops, She Does This. LOL


Dirty dancing is an all time favorite film. It has the perfect mix of classic simplicity and fun that are one of the absolutely great things about the movies that were coming out in the late 1980’s and early 90’s. Not to mention that the movie propelled the career of one of the great stars to come out of that era. The hot and sexy dancing is contrasted well with the humorous, off balance anecdotes. This clip flips the script on the titillating tale of the dirty dancing teens by taking out the dirty and turning up the heat with low flying (or falling, as it were) fun.
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No, these two won’t be on the next Dancing With The Stars, but this video is so funny that you will want to watch it two or three times. What a fantastically cute and creative commercial! The thing that is so hilariously appealing about it, is that you could see this ridiculous situation coming to life in your own kitchen. That’s about how it goes when most couples attempt romantically silly gestures. It’s a clever ad with an important message weaved in.

People falling down never seems to stop being a classic comedic favorite, no matter the age of the viewer. Hefty folks falling down really evokes the element of absurdity that makes farcical features like this one, extra special. More people can relate to the average Joe, than to the glamorous glitter of conventional main stream media. They use that idea to connect with the largest audience, showing the importance of the middle class in the advertising world.

The entire video is amusing, from beginning to end, but the table top tumble ending is worthy of a hearty chuckle, making it the best part. The actors in this clip are actually really good, which adds to the quality of the segment. The timing and pacing of the delivery is perfect, and you will enjoy the down to earth direction it follows, both figuratively and literally. It crosses a slapstick sensibility with sitcom characteristics, touching on two key components of successful contemporary advertising. Quick, witty humor and relevance, take note of these traits if you want an effective commercial campaign.

United Healthcare was brilliant for using this type of commercial to attract people to their business. The ability to entertain someone, touching on the everyday possibilities, while informing them of the service you provide, is an intelligent and effective advertising tool that other ad companies should take utilize more often. It works well to capture the imagination, while revitalizing the popularity of an ’80s sensation. This witty anecdote is sure to spread quickly across social media and catch the attention of every viewer who sees it.

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