Curly Haired Little Girl Carries Oxygen Everywhere


Little Alida has an oxygen defect where the oxygen from her body can’t get to her bloodstream. She needs oxygen around the clock and even sometimes inhalers to circulate. Watch as this shaggy haired puppy makes this little girl very happy.
The girl and Mr. Gibbs have become the best of friends. Watch as this curly haired little girl zips around the house. With the help of Mr. Gibbs she sure seems to have lots of energy. Sometimes when you watch this it’s hard to believe she is even connected to the oxygen tanks. She seems to sputter along as if everything is fine, simply amazing!

Watch this video and you will see Mr. Gibbs and the little girl go everywhere. The blond locks, blue-eyed girl is a bundle of energy. There is no stopping her now with her shaggy haired friend Mr. Gibbs. See how the dog’s special vest helps carry the oxygen tanks. Without the help of Mr. Gibbs she is limited to where she can go. Watch this video and you will see a small miracle take place. The shaggy dog is still just a puppy but he gets the job done. The two playmates are quite a pair as they run and play. Watch this amazing video of man’s best friend and you will become a believer in miracles.

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