Cruel Woman Tossed Her Dog Into Heavy Traffic TWICE


Stories like these make you wonder why a person would even bother to obtain a pet in the first place. Pets provide us with loyalty, kindness and undying love and they ask for so little in return. But this woman decided to throw all of that away one day, both literally and figuratively.

The dog in this unfortunate tale is named Maggie. Maggie had no idea what type of human had adopted her and she was forced to find out the hard way. The woman who was responsible for loving and caring for her shockingly decided that it would be a better idea to whip her into oncoming traffic instead.

To make matters worse, Maggie’s adopted mother opted to make this horrifying decision not once, but twice! What kind of person would throw an innocent animal into traffic repeatedly? This woman must have more than a few screws loose if she thought that she could get away with this kind of repulsive, repugnant behavior.

Several people bore witness to this shocking incident. A CCTV camera was also able to capture this moment of unfathomable cruelty. There is no scenario in which a dog this tiny deserves to be hurled into traffic by a woman who is several times their size and this woman should receive the maximum allowable punishment by law.

The people who saw this horrific event take place felt the same way and they made sure that the camera footage made its way into the right hands. Evelyn Galloway, the woman responsible, was immediately taken into police custody. Would you believe that this poor dog returned home after the first time Evelyn tossed her away?

When given a second chance to reconsider her harsh behavior, Evelyn chose to fly into a rage instead. When she threw the dog a second time, poor Maggie’s right hind leg was destroyed by an oncoming vehicle, thanks to this poor excuse for a human being.

The images of Maggie can be difficult to look at. For now, she has been freed from the clutches of evil Evelyn and given a foster home to live in. Meanwhile, Evelyn is cooling her heels at the Harlan County Detention Center. Hopefully, all this time to think will give a chance her to mend her ways.


Maggie is currently in foster care until the case ends and Evelyn is at the Harlan County Detention Center. If you feel that this Maggie deserves justice, please sign this petition to stop the suspect from owning or being around animals. Please SHARE.

Share this story to raise awareness about animal cruelty and be sure to sign the petition, so that Evelyn is forever banned from animal ownership.

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