Cruel Owner Who Stabbed His Dog With A Sword Jailed For 100 Days


Although some lucky pets are regarded as members of the family, some others undergo nothing but misery, abuse, and oppression. Many forms of mistreatment and negligence of animals are illegal, but in some states, wild and domestic animals do not have any legal safeguard from “standard” practices like being chained all day and night or having their body parts cut off for human amusement or convenience.


Cruel acts toward animals are a significant indicator of a dangerous psychopathy that does not end with animal abuse. Dr. Albert Schweitzer stressed that anyone who is accustomed to abusing animals was also capable of regarding the lives of other human beings as worthless. Abusing animals are not simply the outcome of a slight personality flaw in the character of the abuser; it is a sign of a deeper mental disorder. Research in criminology and psychology has shown that most people who commit acts of brutality to animals will not stop there, and several of them will move on to hurting humans.


Douglas Joseph Hagler lives in North Carolina and was recently found guilty of killing his Siberian husky dog called Koda. He was sentenced to 100 days in prison for stabbing Koda 11 times with a samurai sword. Douglas pled guilty to killing 13 years old Koda and claimed that the dog had bitten his roommate, so he tied him to a tree and punished him. The brutality and absurdity of this act was befuddling, and has caused an outrage in online communities.

Serial killer profilers say that murders usually start out by killing and torturing animals. The FBI has determined that a record of cruelty to animals is the primary trait that typically appears in its computer backgrounds for serial rapists and murderers. Also, the general symptoms and treatment handbook for psychiatric and emotional dysfunctions shows cruelty to animals as the main criteria for behavioral disorders.


A research carried out by the Massachusetts SPCA and Northeastern discovered that people who abuse animals are five times more likely to perpetrate violent acts against humans. Is Douglas Joseph Hagler a psychopath? Or was it a blunder by a drunken man who was not in control of his actions due to the effects of alcohol? 

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