Cruel Humans Forced This Pit Bull To Fight, Now Watch Her Rescue


Dog fights are very common everywhere in the world. It is one way cruel people get to earn some extra cash. What these people do is they force their dogs to fight other dogs. They train these dogs, and put them to fight the dogs of the others. Everyone bets on their favorite dog, and whoever wins gets the money of the bet. Even though dog fights are illegal everywhere, they still occur undergrounds or in abandoned buildings. The sad thing is that dogs are the ones that get damaged from all this cruelty. Dogs eat each-other, they hurt one another, and they are also able to kill.

I will have to say that different animal organizations throughout the world are working to decrease the number of dog fights, but it is not as easy as it seems. In this video you will see an amazing work that Animal Humane Society is doing in order to help, rescue, and protect animals. This organization is working really hard to stop animal cruelty, but they can’t do it alone. IF you want to save these creatures from the major sufferings, please donate in Animal Humane Society

The Pit-Bull they rescued in here is named Honey. She looks like she retired, but they still kept her. They kept her for breeding, so they would be able to have more Pit-Bull’s in the future. The reason they want to have more is the same old story; Dog Fighting. Honey has a lot of wounds and scratches all over her body because of the suffering she has been through. The worst is the major lip part she is missing. I think she lost it during one of the fights. I am so glad they saved Honey, and I hope they will be able to save even more animals in the upcoming years. Thank you very much Animal Humane Society for your amazing work!

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