“Cosmic” Hair Is What She Was After, The Result At 5:18 Is Out Of This World!


She chooses three colors to mix in three separate coloring containers: Purple Haze, Stargazer Magenta, and Peacock Blue. She mixes and matches as far as brands go; she doesn’t stick with one. My hunch is that she chooses by color, first and foremost, no matter the brand. She uses the same base to mix each color with, a Tresemme bottle of developer. Also, each color is mixed with a different brush so they don’t blend or dilute. Now, it is clear that you’ll need some medium to large hair clips, depending on your hair length. You’ll want to pull all of your hair evenly up to the top of your head and clip it there, so that that you are revealing only the bottom layer of hair right above the neck.

Wearing protective gloves, Tessarr brushes the blue onto the highmost portions of the “neck” hair, but once she has drenched the strands, she pulls the color down to the bottom several times so that all the hair is saturated, and she then twists sections of that hair together and clips it close to her head.

Before proceeding, she wipes any excess blue dye from off her neck. Then, above the lowest blue portion, she begins to brush on the purple color in a thick middle section of hair directly at the back of her head, but not around the ears. She does not clip this section up; instead she allows a mass of the hair that was clipped to the top of her head to fall down and hang loose. In goes the bright magenta slathered all of this section and pulled through, as before, including the hair above and around her ears. Some of the strands get mixed with the purple to create a new shade, it appears. And now, the purple and pink sections twisted together get clipped to the back of her head.

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