Corgi Has Time Of His Life At Water Park


Their heads may be too big for their bodies. They may be short. They may be just a little bit disproportionate. But, on a hot summer day, Corgis really are no different than anyone else, man or dog alike. They laugh. They jump. They burst out in their ridiculously charming happy-go-lucky styles. Mostly, they enjoy a good splash at a local water park! This particular Corgis couldn’t be happier splashing and running in delight through the refreshing water of an abundant water park near home. The laughter around him should be prove around him of the utter joy that this dog brings to those around as they watch him laugh and chase the randomly spraying water. If that isn’t enough to get even the Grinch-est around us to smile, what this dog does next surely will. As each fountain drops a bucket load of water on the unsuspecting pup, his reaction will surely make any one break out a grin. He jumps and barks, spins around and leaps up for more. A frisky endeavor of a long loved way of simply cooling off on a roasting summer day. This hilarious Corgis easily brings us back to the simple things in life. Remember to stop and smell the roses as we rush through our hectic days. To embrace the joys we so long ago have left behind in our childhood. To rush about freely, without holding back, to capture the refreshing feelings that are waiting out there for us. It reminds us to reach outside of the box. To look further than what is known through our daily ritualistic lives. To set down our screens, look up, to what is right in front of our noses. The world, right at our feet for us to enjoy.

This single pup doesn’t care that he is different. He doesn’t care that he is the only pup at the water park. He isn’t worried about how his head looks bigger than his body. He isn’t worried about being short, or even being disproportionate. He doesn’t care what color his hair is. He isn’t even thinking about if his fur makes him look fat or not. He’s not hiding up among the crowd, fearful of stepping out of his comfort zone. He is hot! There is water! Long and behold he’s going to cool off. And he is going to have a pure blast doing so! Life is full of so many simple pleasures. Take a note from this short video of a goofy, happy Corgis to remind you to reach out for all that life has to offer. Pick your head up. Stop. Smell those roses. Take a break. Laugh with your kids. Roll around on the carpet. But most importantly, be like this Corgi, and have the time of your life!

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