Come See What Happens With This Father’s Big Fur Baby Gets In The Water


The dog is not able to take two steps into the pool without climbing onto her father and hanging on for dear life. Learning how to swim is no easy task and it becomes much more difficult when you cannot detach from your parental guardian and make a way for yourself. Thanks to Dad’s immense reservoir of patience, the swimming lesson goes much better than any of us could have ever anticipated.

Even though your sensitive side may tell you otherwise, it is certainly hysterical to watch a dog of such massive size and strength cling to their owner like a frightened little puppy. It is almost as if this dog has forgotten how large and in charge she is supposed to be.

However, she begins to get the hang of swimming and starts to relax and enjoy herself in the water. When you have a great parent to stand alongside of you and ensure your comfort and safety, you can accomplish tasks you never thought possible. This is true for both humans and their furry counterparts. Everyone needs a little helping hand from their parents every once in a while and even the biggest of dogs are not immune to this.

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