Combine These 2 Household Ingredients For One Surprise Your Kids Will LOVE!


If you are in search of a simple craft project to help you pass the time, few are easier than the one you are about to witness. I cannot to wait to share this helpful tutorial with all of you. Your children will certainly be glad that you took the time out of your day to take a look at this particular clip. Think back on your childhood. You probably remember just how much fun you had playing with silly putty. Silly putty was a toy that gave me hours of enjoyment as a child and I have a number of wonderful memories from my days of squeezing at the gooey, slimy concoction. This clip allows you to pass on these great memories to your children, without even having to go to the toy store.
During my travels online, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a helpful recipe that gives us the ability to make our own silly putty and it is even easier than you would think. All you need are two ingredients that should be present in just about any household: laundry detergent and glue. With these two easy to find substances, you are able to create a toy that will give your children the same level of entertainment that you and I once enjoyed. They will be entertained for hours on end and just might be able to lay off of the television watching and computer gaming for a while.

Should you need to spice things up a bit and make your child’s silly putty more unique, this clip offers a number of helpful solutions, including the addition of food coloring. This gives your children an opportunity to select a color that they enjoy, one that expresses their true individuality. Do it yourself projects like these are a great way to bring families together. In a world where children are becoming accustomed to technology and cell phones have become commonplace, even for little ones, teaching them how to make their own silly putty can be a great substitute for the couch bound activities that today’s children seem to prefer.

Once you have watched this clip and applied this useful recipe to your own life, I would love to hear what your thoughts are about this simple project. Don’t be shy and make sure you give this a go the next time your children are complaining that they are bored or that there is nothing to do.

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