Chained For 10 Years Because He Was ‘Vicious’ – Watch What Happens When He’s Freed


Watch this video to see how this dog named Rusty Diamond is saved from a life in chains. It turns out this poor dog had been chained up for fifteen years in a backyard in one of the hottest places on the planet. Watch this video to see how a neighbor named Jared Piper comes to his rescue and sets him free. See how this story turns out when he rescues this dog from a life in chains.

Poor Rusty has been neglected for years he has never been walked, bathed or even had much interaction with humans. Thanks to this good neighbor who befriends him through a chain-linked fence he has a chance. Jared starts to get to know the older dog and that isn’t easy. Rusty was a snarly barking menace when he first encountered him. Watch to see the change old Rusty goes through as he is rescued in this beautiful video.

Rusty was chained to the backyard and he had bugs eating at his flesh. No wonder poor Rusty was in such a bad mood, you would be too. The neighbor gives old Rusty some treats and over time tames this raving maniac into the sweet dog he really is. Watch how Rusty is rescued from the dead. This is a poor dog that has been so neglected for so long he just doesn’t know how great he is.

Watch this video as Jarred rescues this dog from a life of 24/7 abuse. Watch as this beautiful soul of a dog shines a new life on the world after being rescued. You will see how this dog gets his name of Rusty Diamond. He shines after he is cleaned up by the animal rescue center he is taken to. Unfortunately Jarred can’t keep him but the rescue center cleans old Rusty right up and he is quite a handsome old gent.

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