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Adoptable Pets In Shelters Are As Good As Those In Pet Stores

Every day, many animal shelters in the country continue to receive an endless stream of neglected, abandoned and stray animals. To this end, virtually every good home established to take them in, has been outnumbered. One of the major causes of this problem is the runaway animal birth rate. Unfortunately, no one is ready to

Let These 7 Black Dogs Convince You That Adopting A Black Dog Is Awesome

Statistically, despite the increasing adoption figures, black dogs remain the least adopted color of canines every year. Their lighter skinned brethren are always preferred by intending by prospective adopters for many reasons – most of them hoaxes – but still reasons that lead to stigmatization of dogs. The reasons why many like to steer clear

10-Year-Old Dies Shortly After A Strange Mark Appeared On His Leg

In 2014, this little boy identified as Keith Pierce began experiencing swelling in his right leg a month after his tenth birthday. His parents were troubled and took him to a doctor severally, but the condition worsened. Doctors were concerned that strange mark was caused by cancer. He was treated at St. Vincent Hospital and

Very Funny Husky Says She Wants To Eat Potatoes For Dinner

You have to watch this short little video to believe it. You may need to watch it several times to come to believe what you see and hear. This dog named Mishka actually speaks or barks words that are clear enough to understand. If you want to amaze your friends and dazzle them with something

A Boarded-Up Doghouse Was Pried Open Revealing A Heartbreaking Situation

A dog is known as man’s best friend and the most commonly kept pet, for companionship, security, among other reasons. Dogs should be shown unconditional love and care and their loyalty and commitment are lifelong. For someone to mistreat or maltreat a dog is unfathomable and should not be encouraged, if you can’t properly take

Caring Man Saves Puppies From The Flood In The Most Creative Way

There was very terrible flooding in the Louisiana area and this truly devastated many people by damaging homes, things in the homes and businesses in the area. Much is lost as the video shows water that is high in the street, which now looks like a vast river. Thus one can only imagine the terrible

Volunteer Sits In Cage With Dog Who’d Never Felt A Human’s Touch

National Mill Dog Rescue is providing a great service, rescuing dogs who have been forced to spend the entirety of their lives in unclean and unsafe facilities. Puppy mills are as inhumane as they are dangerous and watching dogs like our friend Harleigh suffer makes us wonder why these places are still allowed to exist

Owners Would Just Laugh As Their Poor Dog Had Seizures

Shelter dogs have a bad reputation and a whopping 75 percent of households opt against pet adoption. The negative perception of shelter animals plays a major role in this decision, but shelters dogs are not broken creatures, they have wants and needs as well. The story of this inbred Chiweenie is a heart breaker. Her

The Baby Can’t Make The Jump, But Watch What Mom Does…

The animal kingdom might be different from the human species in a lot of ways but still, in this kind of large difference also lies some similarities from along the line. We are similar in the sense that we have some in built instincts and appreciation for our young ones, prompting a parent to want

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