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Heartwarming Reunion Between Hero Dog And Her Soldier

Some dogs have a mission in life. Taylor or Tay-Tay was a military dog who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan searching for hidden explosives. The dog was so good at what she did that the Taliban had a bounty on the dog. Sergeant Tom Hansen and his protector and companion were separated from

Throwaway Mama Dog Rescued From Brooklyn Subway

Throwaway mama dogs are females who are used for breeding. The puppies may be sold for pets or experiments. The throwaway mama is abandoned when she can no longer produce puppies. The females are usually kept in isolated and cramped cages. This video shows the rescue and rehabilitation of one throwaway mama dog. The dog

10-Year-Old Dies Shortly After A Strange Mark Appeared On His Leg

In 2014, this little boy identified as Keith Pierce began experiencing swelling in his right leg a month after his tenth birthday. His parents were troubled and took him to a doctor severally, but the condition worsened. Doctors were concerned that strange mark was caused by cancer. He was treated at St. Vincent Hospital and

Dog Thrown Out Of A Pickup Truck Just Happy To Be Rescued

These days many people with older dogs yet looking to get another puppy prefer to mysteriously do away with their older dogs. This often happens when they are fed up with living with their dogs or when they have issues with them not getting along. However, from the real world of humanity, it is very

A Boarded-Up Doghouse Was Pried Open Revealing A Heartbreaking Situation

A dog is known as man’s best friend and the most commonly kept pet, for companionship, security, among other reasons. Dogs should be shown unconditional love and care and their loyalty and commitment are lifelong. For someone to mistreat or maltreat a dog is unfathomable and should not be encouraged, if you can’t properly take

Cops Mourn The Death Of Their Littlest Friend

Cops have one of the hardest jobs in the world. They put their lives on the line each and every day, to protect and serve the general public. If not for the police, we would have zero protection from all of the bad guys out there who mean to do us harm. Facing immediate danger

Purple Kitten Who Lived His Life A Chew Toy Finally Gets Rescued

This kitten’s story is one of the most heartbreaking tales that we’ve ever seen and when he was brought in to a shelter, no one knew what the future would hold. The animal’s body was broken from unimaginable abuse and the fear in his eyes said more than words ever could. The kitten had lived

Stray Dog Finds Comfort In Only Friend He Can Find

As children, we would turn to the comfort of our stuffed animals when the pressures of the outside world became too much for us to handle. While most of our parents would eventually wean us off of them (or we would decide that they were for babies), there is no denying the sense of safety

Dog Just Stares At Wall After His New Family Returned Him

If things are not working out between two humans, they can just walk away from each other and leave. At least humans can take care of themselves. Sadly for a dog, that is not the case. If things don’t work out, they are surrendered to a shelter. There is no given chance to explain or

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