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Dogs’ Unconditional Love For Babies Is Immeasurable

Generally, dog’s love toward man is immeasurable. You will not really know how loving they are except you own one. These are loyal animals that will always want to be at their owners’ side, through thick and thin. This canine love also extends to human babies. Dogs are pretty well known to feel for these

A Velcro Dog Is Always Near Its Watching Its Owner Like A Hawk

Does your dog follow you whenever you take a step? If yes, then you have a Velcro dog as a pet. Velcro dogs stay close to their human owners, that it can become creepy. Living with a dog that requires such closeness means that your privacy is totally ‘gone with the wind.’ If you have

Scared Dog Hugs Smaller Dogs After Their Rescue By Nuns

When it comes to showing care and love, animals are the last to come to mind. We often view them as creatures that abandoned their young immediately they can fend for themselves. However, we have been proven wrong time and again by different displays of affection and care by animals. Dogs are the first on

Kittens Rescued Covered In Ink Are Happy To Be Clean

Two very young kittens have recently been rescued in England after being discovered colored or painted in what looks like permanent marker. The reason why any individual would treat an animal in such a manner is unimaginable, but we are glad that these two kittens were rescued before their situation got worse. Police took both

This Mom Let Her Dog Choose Her Own Sibling

Christina loves animals and she always envisioned raising a cat and a dog who would grow together as siblings and become the best of friends. Her first step was purchasing a puppy that she would name Raven and her next step was taking Raven to the local animal shelter, so that she could her mother

Little Bird Gets Tiny ‘Snowshoes’ To Fix Her Problem Feet

Seeing an impaired bird is heartbreaking, especially when they are ground bound as a result of the ailment that they are experiencing. Those who are willing to intervene and help animals that are in need are true heroes and the bird that you are about to meet was fortunate to receive assistance from a group

This Is What It’s Like For A Dog To Live On A Chain

Chaining a dog down and leaving it for extended periods of time can do a lot of harm to the wellbeing of that dog. Doing this is often not intended but it doesn’t make the outcome any less alarming. Dogs are social creatures and crave a lot of tender love and affection. Of course there

Have Pets? Read This To Potentially Save Their Lives!

Do you ever notice your pet standing up against a wall with their head pressed to it? You might even think it looks cute or funny as though they are putting themselves in “time out” for doing something wrong. Unfortunately, what appears to be harmless may actually be a sign of something that could potentially

An Unexpected Hero – It will Move Your Heart

Every once in a while a story hits the news and it demands attention. These could be stories about tragedy, near-misses or in this case…heroes. Again, every once in a great while a news article that speaks so loudly about the spirit of anything that breathes air is printed and it just resonates. It is

These 22 Unique Dog Crossbreeds Will Make You Do A Double Take… OMG!

Crossbreed dogs are gotten from purebred dogs of a different kind. These crossbreed dogs always have a moderated appearance in contrast with their purebred parent who often have some deformities such as the tiny size, protruding eyes, short crooked legs and more. The crossbreeds are usually balanced between both parents, and are a bit enhanced.

He Spotted A Rabbit In His Yard One Day That Sent Chills Down His Spine

Bunnies are commonplace in the world. Almost every homeowner has seen numerous bunnies romping around their yards. In particular, bunnies are rampant in summertime. There’s a reason why “multiply like bunnies” is a common phrase! Bunnies are normally harmless, cute and fun to watch. They jump around and offer a cute escape for anyone wanting

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