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This Hungry German Shepherd Hilariously Demands Food

There are few things funnier and more adorable than an animal who knows exactly what they want and how they will go about getting it. As the old saying goes, closed mouths are never able to get fed and this is a saying that our friend Apollo here has definitely taken to heart. While he

Here Is Proof That Dogs Have The Worst Sleeping Habits

Dogs are not just man’s best friend, but they are also one of the most beautiful sights to behold when they want to be. When they jump around, wag their tails or do any of the other thousands of stuff they do that her us gushing and mushy-ing all over them. Dogs are adorable –

Unbelievable Dairy Delight For Dog

All mothers and wives have chastised their children and husbands about sucking the whipped cream straight out of the refrigerated spray bottle. There is something about this way of eating whipped cream that is so satisfying and devious that nothing women can do will deter their children and husbands from participating in this forbidden pleasure.

15+ Creative Dog Owners Who Did Pawesome Things For Their Dogs

There is one thing that is mostly common about people: we don’t have to agree on everything, but we can all agree on one uniting factor: when we love something, we love the hell out of it. Take dog owners, for example. Most people love their pooches, and will do anything it takes to care

10 Illustrations Every Dog Owner Will Understand

As awesome friends, dogs will always be there for you at all times and will never disappoint whenever you need them. Due to their ability to go for joggings, training exercises, and daily walks, they will always make you healthy. Most striking of all, they will always love you unconditionally. These and many more are

Couple Walking Through The Woods Stumbles Upon Four Crying Kittens

A young man and woman are strolling through what looks like a wooded park in Houston, Texas when they come upon four abandoned kittens. The kittens look to be between four and five weeks old. The couple does what anyone should do and take the abandoned kittens home with them. Share this video with people

Dog Has An Unusual Way Of Marking His Territory (Must Watch!)

Are you looking for funny animal videos? This video is a must see. This hilarious video features a dog that can do more than just the average dogs tricks. The best part is – he isn’t really trying to do a trick, he’s just trying to mark his territory. Have you ever seen a dog

Watch This Heartwarming Video Of A Bulldog Watching A Video Of His Own!

Are you looking for adorable animal videos to brighten your day? If so, this puppy video will melt your heart. Watch this video now and discover how bulldogs feel about watching videos of other dogs (hint, it’s heartwarming)! This short video shows just what happens when a bulldog sees a potential friend on his owner’s

This Dog And Rat Right Here? You’ve Never Seen Anything Like It!

Animals have continually shocked us with their unusual friendship and it is clearer that they are more peaceful than even humans. We have seen instances of dogs and monkeys, a cheetah and a monkey, a bear and a tiger and so many more. However, there has never been something so spectacular as a dog and

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