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13 Funny Winners Of The 2015 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Photographing an animal in an amusing and unflattering pose is difficult for some people. But if you like to be outdoors, then wildlife photography may be down your alley. Whenever you are photographing animals, patience is needed, and a real love for nature will help you do well in this type of photography. The 2015

12 Cats Who Proved That They Have Hearts Filled With Love!

Pet animals have always shown that they are more than just a mass of parts, but that they are filled with loving essence. This loving trait has most often been credited as a preserve for dogs. Dogs are amazing, but cats blow minds too. These fluffy rolls of beauty have done many things (it’s why

They Took Their Kids To Hunt Deer, But THIS Happened Instead!

Many families try to have some certain days for family actives only. This is a “tradition” I really love. I just think it is great to have a close relationship in the family where everybody can have fun. In my opinion families that have “family activities” at least once a week, are healthier and happier

Genius Cat-Pack Lets Your Pet Travel Like A Little Astronaut

Felicette was the first cat to participate in a rocket launch by the French in 1963 when Veronique AGI was launched. Ever since that moment, many cats had desired to go on an expedition however, they had to be restricted by the cost of cat-astronaut training and the expensiveness of rockets. Today, a low budget

Heartwarming Illustrations Show That Love Is In The Small Things

Multi-talented artist, Philippa Rice creates some of the most adorably hilarious web cartoons. Her illustrations are simple but very poignant and insightful, especially when it comes to the simple small ways people can show their love. Those little things we sometimes overlook. Soppy is the title of her comic book and it is unashamedly suitable.