Cat Wanders Into A Nursing Home And What Happens Next Is Amazing


Oscar was just a kitten when he wandered into a Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island. The staff at The Steere House thought it would be a good idea to adopt him. This allowed him to have a good home. He also assumed the role of a caretaker. Oscar has the ability to sense when patients are in a health crisis and stays with them during their times of need.

Family members are then able to prepare for their loved one’s downfall and notify nurses when some kind of help is needed. It’s simply an amazing quality that this orphan kitten has been able to provide to the nursing home.

The cat would make rounds throughout the nursing center, checking on about 40 patients on a daily basis. He would go in and out of the rooms relatively quickly. The only time that Oscar would stay for any real length of time was if a patient was not doing well in terms of health. That was when the center understood what Oscar’s purpose was. Oscar has been known to jump on the window sill or on the bed and curl up with the patient. He would then sit there for extended periods of time.

He would even wait until the very end with the patient. He is an essential caregiver within the nursing and rehabilitation center. Many of the people who are in care giver positions deal with a significant amount of emotion because they are watching a person deal with the end of life. They are also experiencing the emotion from any visiting family. The cat has been able to help the patients, the staff, and the care givers.

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