Cat Mother Risks Her Life To Save Kitten


Now, there is something I really, really don’t like about this video: the fact that it exists. The existence of this video tells us that nearby the site of the occurrence there was a couple of people just filming a kitten in danger as the mother panicked to try to save the kitten. These people could have done something to try and help, or at least try to move stuff around to try and help. It is true the mother would reject the kitten if it smelled like humans, but they could also adopt the kitten instead of letting it die right there. But there really is something I adore in this video, and that is the actions of the mother As her kitten struggled to be with her, she was panicking just trying to find out a way to get him and stop him from falling. Unfortunately she did not have opposable thumbs and as such she couldn’t really use any tools to solve the problem – and let’s be honest, she should be able to just give the kitten a stick to grab onto and pull.

But when pushes comes to shove and the kitten just falls down the hill, the mother cat doesn’t care about her own safety and jumps in as well. The fact that she completely disregards her personal safety just to save her kitten is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life and I am sure you will also love to see it. After she jumps in, she does manage to save her baby and make things right. So, after you watch this video get up and go hug your mom. We all know, deep down inside, our moms would do the same for us, without hesitation.

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