Cat Helps His Blind Buddy Move Around Safely


Aging is one of the natural processes in live that is going to get to all of us. No matter what we do, no matter how we do it, we are just going to age naturally and our bodies are going to start declining. This doesn’t happen only to humans, it also happens to every other animal species in existence. Some live for three months, others live for over one hundred years, that’s just how it is. We humans, however, have the capacity to understand a lot about the process and as such, we take care of our elders just like we would want them to take care of us if we needed them to – or so it should be like. A lot of people nowadays don’t really like to take care of anyone other than themselves and more often than not, they look at taking care of others as if it were a chore, something that they need to dodge, and something they need to get out of somehow. Since a lot of people don’t like doing it, a whole business came out of it. A business often criticized since each family should take care of its elders individually, not just drop them off with someone else and then forget about them, going into their normal lives as if it wasn’t a problem to forget about someone who took care of them.

But if they don’t even take care of their own family members that once took care of them, would they take care of, for example, a friend? A pet? A complete stranger? Certainly they wouldn’t, and if they had the choice, they would certainly put down the pet just of get rid of the “problem” they would represent. Well, these people have a very valuable lesson to learn in this video where a cat acts in a more humane way than they do. Greg has two pets. One of them is a dog that, unfortunately, is already old and can’t really be on his own, and the other one is a cat that doesn’t seem to mind to take care of the dog. The dog, unfortunately, has lost his sight and for him it is really hard to move around now because, well, he can’t see. The cat does realize this, and as such, he uses his whole body to guide his friend through the neighborhood so he won’t bump against stuff and hurt himself on his way. It is truly heartwarming, and Greg managed to capture the cat helping the dog on video, so make sure to check it and please, don’t forget to take care of others. This is what we’re here to do on this world, to look after each other and make it together.

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