This Cat Freaked Out When She Saw The Kittens Wrestling, What She Did Was Absolutely Hilarious.


The mother cat walked on the floor near the edge of the table. She sat down then lifted her front paws and stretched her body straight up. Then using all of her strength and skill she jumped pushing herself off the floor with her back legs. It was not easy for her but she made to the top of the table.
It only took the mother cat a moment to scope out the situation. Her young kitten was scared and distressed because his sibling was crawling all over him. Drawing on instinct more than memory the mother cat knew she could solve this problem if she treated it like a fishing problem. Moving into a fishing position over the kittens she scooped the stronger kitten off the distressed kitten on the bottom. Then she separated them and gently tapped the stronger kitten to prevent it from crawling back on top the weaker frightened one.

After the kitten crisis had been safely managed the mother cat wanted to calm the kittens down and this is when the video transitions from a rescue mission to a slap stick comedy. The mother cat left Jim and all his friends laughing even though it had been a hard day at the office for all of them. If you need a bit of comic relief to brighten your day then I suggest that you watch the video

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