A Bunny Plays In The Leaves For The First Time. The Result? Instant Cuteness!


I have always thought that bunnies are for those who are in love with cute adorable animals. I know that you can’t teach a bunny how to go to the bathroom, or how to take walks. All you can do is you can provide a good housing for them and a little  yard they can play and run. What are you getting in return? Overload cuteness that will brighten your days more than you could have ever imagined. Watching this bunny playing with the leaves for the first time ever, is just too adorable.
Looks like this couple got this bunny not too long ago. The only problem was that they couldn’t figure out a way to play with her. So one day this guy decided to throw some leaves in her head. In other word this guys was trying to invent a new game for their bunny. The result was better than they expected. The bunny got excited from the leaves, and every time the guy threw leaves, she jumped. He tried it a couple of times more and the result was still the same. The bunny kept jumping to the leaves, and looked like she was having such a great time playing with daddy.

What I understood from this video is that everyone who tries to have some fun with its pets, will always find a game appropriate for both parties. You can hear the girl saying: “Well I guess we figured out how to play with her.” This means that throwing leaves at this bunny has become the first game they will play together. The future might bring lots of games more. Until then, we should appreciate the effort this couple did to find a way to play with the bunny. IF you have a bunny, then you can try this game! Share if you find this little while ball of fur adorable.

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