Breakfast Just Became A Breeze. Where Has This Omelet Recipe Been All My Life!?!


Watch this video to see how easy it is to make these oven baked mini-omelets. Listen to the wonderful “One Pot Chef” show you how to make these delicious oven baked omelets. The chef David with his British accent tells you how to make these muffin omelets. He starts by browning some ingredients in the skillet. He uses onions and ham but you can use other ingredients like bacon and sausage along with the veggies you want in your omelet. This chef really knows his stuff after the meat and veggie mixture is made all you have to do is pour it into a greased muffin tin. The next step chef David shows your is to sprinkle a little grated cheese on the mixture. This really is simple to make.

After this he shows you how to make the egg mixture. He takes eight eggs and mixes them with a little milk, oil, baking powder and salt and pepper. Watch as this mixture is poured right over the stuff that is already in there. I think you could add about anything you want in this mixture to get an original taste. The last step is to put the muffin tin in the oven to bake at 375 degrees F and let it cook for about twenty-five minutes. The end result is a golden brown omelet muffin. Watch as this personable British chef shows you how to cook up these mini-omelet muffins. “The One Pot Chef” gives you some great advice on making them and walks you through with some easy steps.

These omelets come in handy for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can also really get creative in putting in the ingredients needed to make these delicious omelets. With this great muffin mixture you will enjoy a tasty toasted golden omelet. This unique method of cooking these is what makes them good. All that great cheese on them melted to a golden brown. Follow this video of Chef David showing you a great new way to eat a delicious omelet. This friendly chef will walk you through all the easy steps to making these golden delights. Watch as chef David bites into these golden brown omelets enticing you to try them. You will not be disappointed looking at these delightful creations.

Chef David even shows you how to store the muffins that haven’t been eaten. Put the leftovers in the freezer and when you are ready pop them into the microwave. They will taste as fresh as when you first ate them. Try this tasty recipe today and see how easy it is to create a delicious dish like this. Watch this video and see how you can make some today. Create your very own golden delicious cheesy omelets today. Watch this video and pass it on to family and friends.

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