These Boys Were Happily Petting A Lemur, But A Few Seconds Later… Watch His Little Arm!


Lemurs are part of the animal kingdom. They are well known as primates that love a little bit of charity from any kind soul, and then they milk that goodwill till there is nothing more to give. After all, there is a reason for the saying give a lemur an inch, and it will take an entire mile.


While lemurs often tend to hide behind the personality characteristics of their cousins (the easygoing monkeys, the wide-eyed curiosity of lorises and the clever galagos) they are moochers, once you start giving them care, a lemur will keep on taking. Particularly in the case of endless back scratching as seen in the video.

Lemurs have hands that reach that itchy spot as you can see the reaction of the lemur in the video. See how the lemur keeps touching where he/she wants to be massaged in the video. This is just so hilarious and cute at the same time. However, the cause of this hasn’t been understood yet. It is either the lemurs fingers are not long enough to give a satisfactory scratch or the animal is just too lazy to do it by itself. Unlike their cousin (the tarsier), lemurs do not have a work ethic. They are sluggish, especially when it comes to finding relief from any burdensome discomfort.

So, be warned next time you start to scratch a lemur- assuming you are talented with your fingers- he/she will probably never let you stop scratching her/his back. They are creatures that know what they want, when they want it and where they want it. The two young boys in the video were petting and scratching the lemur’s back because he is really cute and adorable. But they didn’t know what they were getting into. Eventually, they gave up scratching the lovely creature, and when the lemur realized that the boys had stopped giving him attention, he demanded that they get back to petting him which is so adorable and hilarious.

Lemurs are originally found on the island known as Madagascar. As a result of hunting them for bushmeat, deforestation and attempts to capture lemurs for exotic pet trade their numbers have significantly dropped over the years. However, conservation programs such as those at Taronga Zoo are underway to help increase lemur numbers.

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