Boxer Dog Hears The Newborn Baby Cry. Now Watch What He Does. Aww!


The dog sees the baby and then decides to whimper and cry a little louder, getting the attention of mom and dad. Apparently this happens all the time. What a great dog for looking out for the newborn of the house. It’s obvious that the dog is looking out for Melina and in such a cute way, too.

The parents are lucky to have had such a great dog in the house for when they brought the baby home. Not all dog owners are quite so fortunate. Some dogs don’t like the intrusion of a baby. However, they are now satisfied that the baby is in good hands because it seems that Bella likes to sleep in the nursery to take care of Melina.

The baby is always in the crib, high enough that the dog cannot reach. This means she’s in no danger of being scratched or nudged by the dog. The boxer is able to watch from afar and get the attention of mom and dad when the baby cries. This allows the parents to come in and feed or change or do whatever else that they need to do.

Who needs a baby monitor when you have an adorable boxer who is willing to lend a helping paw? This just shows how dogs can truly be a man’s (or baby’s) best friend. The two will likely become inseparable as Melina gets a little older and can start playing on the floor. It’s no doubt that Bella will be gentle with her just as she looks out for the newborn now.

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