Born with Defective Legs, This Baby Bird was Ignored by Its Parents, But How He Survived? Miraculous!


You always hear about birth defects in humans, and it can lead to an array of emotions from the parents. It turns out birds aren’t that much different. A little baby bird by the name of Benjamin was born with a defect that resulted in splayed legs. He had to cope with this problem or perish while trying. The parents of the bird ignored him. Their focus was on the “normal” babies that were hatched that day. He was not being fed and he was simply left to fend for himself.

If it weren’t for the love of his siblings, Benjamin surely would have died. This story has gone viral and that’s because it is simply awe inspiring! His siblings helped him during his first few weeks so he could survive. He has also gotten the help of foster parents and now this baby bird is on his way to becoming healthier.

The video is heart breaking, especially when you see Benjamin alone in the corner with his splayed legs. He looks so sad and frail. Meanwhile, the parents are taking care of his siblings without giving him another moment’s thought.

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