Bobcat Kittens Get A Second Shot At Life


Thanks to BigCatRescue, these three bobcat kittens that were without their parents were given a second chance at living their lives and being happy. They were taken care of until a domestic cat suitable for nurturing them was found. They’re experts in the field and as such, they understood that they could not give too much human interaction to the kittens, or else the domestic cat would reject them as children.

Being able to successfully avoiding human interaction, they introduced the bobcat kittens to the domestic cat one by one, and they were accepted one by one by the domestic cat, who “agreed” to be their new mom. The kittens, young and playful, also accepted the domestic cat as their new mom and thus a family was born. These kittens were lost and doomed, but a brave soul gave them a second shot at life. Someone deserves to go to heaven, for sure.

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