Big Brother Performed A Miracle, And Saved His Sister’s Life


When Karen found out she was having another baby, she decided to tell her 3 year old son Michael all about it, so he could be prepared for her new sister and love her just like Karen will. Together they would be able to form a nice, happy family ready for any possible challenge. Michael was ready for her new sibling and decided to cherish her even before she was born.
At every chance he could get, Michael wanted to sing for his little sister, even when she was still in her mother’s tummy. He would sing every time he could, just because he loved her, even though she wasn’t born yet. He was already building a connection with her, and he didn’t even meet her yet.

Soon enough, labor pain came. Karen knew the time had come, and she was about to have another baby. Unfortunately, there were some serious complications during delivery and labor itself took hours to end. Finally, Michael had a little sister in the world with him, but she was under terrible conditions.
Right after she was born, the ambulance came to take her away so she would be able to go to the intensive care unit in order for the doctors to take care of her. As days went by, the girl was just progressively getting worst. The pediatric specialist just had to tell the parent there was little hope, so they should prepare for the worst.
Karen and her husband though things weren’t going to improve and as such decided to contact the local cemetery to get things ready for the death of their new baby. As they were getting ready, Michael had never given up and kept on nagging his parents. He wanted to sing to his little sister, she was now fighting for her life, he was entitled to sing to her.
Kids could never enter the Intensive Care unit, but Karen made up her mind. Michael would have a chance to sing to his little sister, and to see her alive right before the worst happened. She dressed him up in an oversize scrub and got him into the unit. A nurse recognized him and told Karen to get him out of there.
Karen, decided, told the nurse he wouldn’t go anywhere until he had a chance to sing to his sister. She then took Michael to her sister, who was fighting for her life and, sadly, losing. He began to sing, directly from his heart, about how she was his sunshine and how happy she made him. Incredibly, the baby started to react to his voice, showing signs of life and energy. She wanted to be his sunshine, she wasn’t going anywhere as long as she made him happy.
Soon enough, Karen was in tears as she saw Michael was curing her little sister just because he was singing from his heart. He just didn’t want to lose his sunshine – and he didn’t. Amazingly, the girl was as healthy as it gets the next day, and ready to go home.
This was a true miracle, and an inspiration for everyone not to give up on who they love.

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