Bella The Boxer Can’t Contain Her Excitement! I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Seen A Reaction Like This!


Bella goes crazy. The dog starts wriggling and shaking all over the minute she sees her owner come through the door. She stands on the arm of the couch and wiggles her back end in greeting. The dog does not just wag hr tail but the entire back half of the dog gets involved in the excitement. The owner keeps saying hello to Bella and every time he says anything the dog gets more excited and more active. Several times Bella almost falls off of the arm of the couch because the dog just cannot contain her joy as seeing her owner. By the time the man says three or four sentences of greeting the entire body of Bella is shaking and wiggling with desperate excitement. The conniptions that Bella goes into are funny and show an athletic prowess that rivals anything people can do.

Bella greeting her owner is just funny. No one has ever received any warmer greeting than Bella gives to her owner. She just cannot contain her delight and excitement at once again seeing her owner. We are not told whether the man has been away from his beloved Bella for a long time or a short time. Bella is just hilarious. It seems like the dog is stuck on the couch because she is so excited. Bella loves her owner. We can be absolutely sure that Bella loves this guy because no animal or person can get that tore up about seeing someone they do not really love. Bella’s antics make the man and the lady laugh. Bella will make anyone laugh out loud.

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