Beautiful Hair With Flowing Curls


All women want beautiful curly hair. It really is so easy when you follow this video. All you have to have is slightly damp hair and a headband. The headband needs to be soft enough to pull your hair through. You also want it to be comfortable enough for you to sleep in. Can you imagine going to bed at night and waking up with a lovely head of curls. This can happen with the headband curl system on this video. There are a lot of ways to curl your hair, but this way is so easy. You also have no chance of getting burned by using a curling iron or hot rollers. Even a flat iron can burn you, if you are not careful. First off you want to start with slightly damp hair. You do not want your hair to be too wet. If your hair is wet, it will not hold the curl. If your hair is too dry, it will not curl at all. The best way to do this is wash your hair. Then you want to dry it, till it is damp to the touch. This will assure that your hair will be perfect in the morning. You will end up with a head full of soft flowing curls.

You could do this with traditional pink rollers. The problem with these is the rollers leave a mark in your hair. These are also very uncomfortable to sleep in at night. They can also tangle in your hair. This will tend to make your hair very frizzy. This is no way to wake up in the morning. The foam rollers can also fall out leaving you with limp, and lifeless hair. No one wants that it all. If you are going to use foam rollers, it is a real gamble. Stick with this video, and curl with a headband.

You want to make your hair into to pony tails on each side. Pull the headband over your head. Take your slightly damp hair, and start to wind in and out. You want the winding to be as tight as possible. You also want to make sure that the headband is not going to slip out at any time. You may need to adjust a headband, so that it is tight enough on your head. Once you start winding your hair, in and out, make sure it is very close together. You also want to make sure that there are no loose ends. Once you get this all wound together, take a couple of hair pins to make it secure. Your hair should be wound very tightly, at this time. You can put in a few more pins just to secure it. In the morning, remove the pins and unwind. You will have lovely hair.

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