Beautiful Curls With Aluminum Foil And A Flat Iron, Why Haven’t I Heard Of This Before!


Every woman wants to change their look with a few curls of a lot of curls especially for some events. While most women use a curling iron, there are inherent dangers in using a curling iron that can cause painful burns. Curling children’s hair with a curling iron can be problematic and dangerous because kids usually just cannot sit still. This simple and dramatically effective method of curling your hair was presented on YouTube by Brittney H. The results are astounding. While you may want to stick with your trusty curling iron for those times that you need curls in a hurry, you might want to try this method as an alternative that does less damage to your hair than curling irons can.

What you need is a flat iron and aluminum foil (some people call this tin foil but no one makes tin foil anymore because tin is too expensive). You need to prepare enough squares of aluminum foil before you start. The size of the squares and the number of squares depends on the size of the curls you want. A five inch by five inch square makes nice round dangly curls. Smaller squares make smaller curls. You need to decide what size curl you want because that is the major factor in the time that it will take you to curl your hair. Separate a stand of hair that is the right size for the size of curl you want. This may take a little experimenting before you get it perfect.

Roll the strand of hair around one or two fingers in a tight loop. Take the square of aluminum foil and wrap it around the rolled up strand of hair into a square or rectangle. You want the aluminum foil to be as tight as possible. Use your hot flat iron to press the aluminum foil pouch with the hair in it into a flat piece that is as flat as the flat iron will allow. Do each section of the foil from the side nearest your skin to the outside edge of the foil. Press firmly and hold for between 15 and 20 seconds. Then go to the next section of foil and do the same until the entire foil pound with the hair in it is flat. This is the most important step. Wait until the foil is cool before you take it off. Once the foil is cool just pull it off and you have curls. The curls will last just as long as curls that you made with a curling iron. You will probably need two mirrors to be able to see well enough to do the back of your head if you are going to do small curls that require small sections of hair. This is just a neat curling trick that really works and makes curls that last a long time.

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