Banks The Cat Gives Woman A Back Massage. Watch This Heartwarming


While most cat videos typically involve our feline friends placing themselves in humorous predicaments and are distributed for our amusement, the cat in this video has no time on its hands for such silliness. This cat is an expert masseuse and is clearly enjoying giving the woman in the clip a nice back massage. The woman does not accept the back massage in a selfish manner, as she takes turns with the cat. They have decided that the typical “I’ll scratch your back as long as you are scratching mine” arrangement is not just for human couples anymore. Even though they cannot speak to one another, there seems to be a very overt understanding between the woman and the cat. For all of the cat lovers out there who feel the need to defend their furry feline companions and let all of the haters know that cats are unfairly ridiculed, this video is all the evidence. Watching the cat in the clip stroke the woman’s back with such compassion and kindness has to warm the heart of even the most skeptical kitty hater.

Some may say that cats simply use their human hosts for food and shelter, that they do not truly care about anyone who invests the time and effort into taking care of their needs. This clip flies in the face of that logic and shows those people the error of their ways. Cats are just as capable of being friendly and helpful as dogs, when given such an opportunity.

Videos such as these are a heartwarming departure from the usual cat clips that circulate. Typically, we are watching cats fall off of counters, argue with dogs and get into all kinds of mischief. With clips like this one, people are able to learn about the softer side of cat ownership. They are also able to learn that all cats are not mean. Some of them are downright loving.

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