Baby Pygmy Goat Doing The Happy Dance May Be The Greatest Thing Ever


We all have those days. Nothing has gone right, and you just need a way to smile. The dancing pygmy goat video may be the ultimate pick me up. If baby pygmy goats with status size, I would buy a dozen of them just to keep me smiling. This video has gone viral, and once you see this goat in action, you will understand why.

The pygmy goats are only two and three days old, which makes them that much more adorable. The video, which is just under two minutes, shows these two goats, jumping around and having a good time. They are constantly underfoot of their parents, but no one seems to mind.

There is some noise in the background, but you won’t mind at all. These pygmy goats are just having too much of a good time, and they are certainly examples of happy feet!

You will want to watch the viral video over and over again. After all, it’s not every day that you get the baby pygmy goats dance until their heart is content. They jump up on blocks, play around in the straw, and enjoy life.

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