Baby Pandas Are Wrestling To Be On The Bench. What They Do Next Made My Day!!


Maybe you wake up every single day and love your job, no matter how hard it may be. Or perhaps you have a fun job that you wouldn’t give up for anything in the world. But even if you think you have the greatest job ever, it pales in comparison to what the person in this video gets to do every day. Would you believe that people are actually paid to teach panda bears the finer points of how to use a slide?

Considering the fact that most of us will spend upwards of $50, just to catch a glimpse of these animals in action, it is amazing to realize that people are actually getting paid to hang out with them. Spending the entirety of a workday playing with little pandas is definitely a dream gig come to life.

Watching this video will definitely inspire feelings of jealousy when it comes to the zookeepers. They work out of the Chengdu Panda Base and their primary objective is to ensure the continued protection of this endangered species of animal. They also wish to further enrich the lives of the pandas who are currently residing at the base. From the looks of this clip, they are doing excellent work.

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