Baby Elephant Searches for Girl’s Nose And It is ADORABLE!


The baby elephant is having a blast trying to figure out what is going on. The woman sits down on the ground, and the baby elephant continues to explore with her trunk. Another elephant comes over and is watching the whole thing as well. The woman doesn’t seem affected at all by the elephants curiosity, which lets the elephant know that it is okay to continue. This poor woman sits there while her entire face is molested by the trunk of an elephant – and it is absolutely hilarious. A don’t know if I could sit that still while in elephant did that to my face – but it sure is fun to watch. The video goes on for about five minutes and it is all about the same thing. There are a couple of cool close-up shots where you can really see the elephant getting curious. It’s also fun to watch how the other elephant stands back and simply watches it all happen.

Baby elephants, and babies of all breeds are simply amazing and curious. They don’t care what others think about them, they simply want to put their senses to good use.

I’m so glad that this video was made, because such an experience should be captured in order to share with other people. There have been thousands of shares on Facebook, and after you share with your friends, they are going to want to have a good laugh as well. It puts an all new meaning to the game of “got your nose”.

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