Baby Crawls Over to Say Hi… But You HAVE to See What the Dog Does Next!


This dog’s patience has to be commended, but the dog’s actions once the child has made her over to him are what makes the video a must see and a must share. Family moments like these are almost too powerful to properly put into words and only a video clip is able to do them justice.

Once the baby is able to get close enough to the black lab, the black lab’s response to her efforts will put a smile on your face and warm your heart. Her hard work is not all for naught and she receives quite the adorable reward from the loving dog.

Even though it takes baby a fair amount of time to get to the pup, he is no rush, either. He patiently waits for baby to arrive and is ready to show her how much he cares. Adorable moments like these are exactly what having a family is all about.

The dog watches her crawl so intently, you can almost feel him rooting for her. It is no easy task for this baby, but she is bound and determined to make her way over to her puppy pal and say hello. Once she finally makes it to her destination, what happens next will amaze you.

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