AVON Research Labs Burn, Cripple And Kill Thousand Dogs Each Year


If you are anything like us, then you are fed up with the treatment that animals receive in Avon’s laboratories. When it comes to animal testing, we all need to draw a hard line in the sand and collectively decide that enough is enough. How long are these innocent animals going to be made to suffer before someone finally steps forward?

The manner in which these animals are tested are not only cruel and inhumane, but it is also dangerous. There are those who spend their days window shopping at the cosmetic giant’s stores who have no idea what is going on behind the scenes.


The monstrosities that these animals experience and witness should be breaking the hearts of many, but Avon has done a successful job of obscuring the true reality of what takes place at their labs. Most citizens are completely in the dark about these matter, which is something that needs to change, pronto.

Behind every shelf of Avon products lies a trail of dogs who have been murdered and harmed. Instead of focusing on the “revolutionary” nature of these products, people should train their attention on the real issues at hand. No animal deserve to die so that some human can look their best, yet this stark reality does not seem to bother the average cosmetics consumer as much as it should.

Just thinking about all the beautiful dogs that would still be alive today, if not for Avon’s sickening lack or regard for their well being, is enough to make even the strongest person break down and cry. Avon should not have to cripple, poison and burn innocent dogs to create their products and it is high time that people stood up to these bullies, encouraging them to pick on someone their own size.



These dogs experience unspeakable atrocities, including having holes drilled into their poor little skulls. They are also made to live in squalor, inhaling toxic fumes and living in tiny cages for long periods of time without any food to eat. Is there really any product that is worth this sort of treatment?

If you too are against the use of defenseless animals for cruel human products, please sign this petition so that more and more companies go for animal free testing. SHARE this please.


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