At First, I Thought He Was Petting His Dog. Until I Realized THIS… Oh My Goodness!


While most of us would never even think of a fox as a cute companion that we could keep as a pet, the man in this video does not adhere to the usual norms of society. Even though you may not typically consider foxes to be viable pets, there are a number of people who feel the exact opposite. If you are looking to change your mind on this topic, take a moment to check out this clip and you just might end up with a completely different opinion when it comes to the idea of a pet fox.

The red fox in this video is named Ron. His particular breed of fox is especially easy to cuddle, because prolonged exposure to chilly weather gives them an impressively large, furry coat. Foxes are known as energetic creatures and Ron is certainly no different. Darting all over the place inside of his fox pen, Ron will have you wondering why you cannot summon the same energy level that he does.

Ron is fun loving and a very easy companion to get along with. He definitely soaks up the affection that his owner readily provides and he is happy to be petted as often as he is. But is a fox really a viable pet? Although his owner is ready to argue that they do make great pets, there are a number of downsides that are associated with fox ownership.

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