At First, He Doesn’t Know What This Thing Is. But He’s About To Absolutely LOVE It!


Feeding your dog, bonding with him when you are all alone, playing with the canine, scratching its head and tummy, taking your beloved pet out for a walk and a host of other things would really count a lot in the list of making your dog happy, but have you ever thought of how to keep your pet happy even while you are not there?

Dogs, like humans, are also intelligent creatures (although not as intelligent) and if they cannot find an activity worthy enough to engage in, can easily get bored like we do also. This means that your dog might not be looking forward to the next time you would leave him all alone in the house because you want to go to work, church or any other place that might require leaving him to be all by himself.

Looking for ways to then keep your dog happy whenever you are not around to do so then becomes another concern for you. How best could you achieve keeping your canine happy while you are away then? All the answer you need lies in the video you are about to watch now.

Toys are one of the most widely used methods of keeping a dog busy while you are not there but these just last their moment. How about getting a toy that is, in a way, interactive for your pet? Something they can play with and would respond to them, while helping them to carry out of one of their best activities, like ‘catch’, for example. That is what the GoDogGo provides your pet. With GoDogGo, your pet needs not worry about a dull moment and even when you are around and too tired to play with your pet, don’t even sweat it, GoDogGo would be the perfect play buddy for your pet.

At first, Buddy doesn’t know what he was dealing with as he was just doing what he has learnt to – getting a ball and returning it back to the thrower. But did it end there? No. Did little Buddy get entertained in the process? Yeah, absolutely. How did GoDogGo make Buddy happy even when his owner wasn’t around? Or more appropriately, who/ what is GoDogGo in the first place?

Well, to answer your questions, you would need to check out the video below for yourselves and see the kind of inexplicable joy that your dog might find with this new buddy on his own.

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